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October Special: $999/ 100 units of Botox for calf reduction


Most women long for slim, sexy legs, to go with their trim physique, unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the bone structure of runway models, for most of us, fat seems confused and decides to live on all the wrong places, or muscles develop on areas where it’s better off sleeping. Though women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, there is always room for a little tweak of improvement.

Since surgical Calf Reduction will require quite a longer downtime, Botox injections for calf reduction became very popular procedure.

How is Botox calf reduction done?

Before Dr. Yagudin recommends the use of Botox for calf reduction, he will first examine the muscle bulk of your calves. There are 2 major muscles on the calves, the soleus muscle, and the gastrocnemius muscle. Gastrocnemius muscle, being the more superficial muscle, is where Botox is injected. For many women the bulk of the calves usually sit on the Medial Gastrocnemius muscle so Dr. Yagudin will most likely inject the drug on that area however, this will still depend on the case of the patient.

calf muscles

Anatomy of Calf Muscle | Pic source: Facebook @Anatomy Department

Pain is rarely an issue because there is no surgery and patients can actually go back to work the day after the treatment so there is generally no downtime as well.

How does Botox calf reduction work?

Since BOTOX relaxes muscles, the effect of BOTOX in the gastrocnemius muscle is the same. Though a larger amount of the drug may be required for use, and the result take 2 to 3 weeks to take effect, others may take up to a month, the result is usually not a simple thinning of the muscle but also reshaping so that it appears less bulky and masculine.

botox calf reduction

Are you the right candidate?

We will need to assess you through a physical examination. Calves should be examined in both the neutral and the tiptoed position to determine if the bulky calves are due to enlarged muscle. If it is, then Botox will be a suitable treatment. If not, you may have to consider other options like surgical reduction.

botox calves reduction

How long will the result last?

The effect of Botox can generally last 4 to 6 months. You can expect to see a reduction in calf size after 2 to 4 weeks, but a follow-up session may be required to achieve the optimum calf reduction. The result is not permanent but the effect will last longer with repeated treatments.

How Many Units of Botox will I need?

It depends on muscle size and extend of desired result. On average you may need between 100 and 200 units of Botox for both calves.

The only way to establish exact dose is to schedule your free initial consultation with Dr. Yagudin

What are the side effects?

Side effects are generally rare and mild with cosmetic Botox treatment. As with all injection-related procedures, there could be pain, redness and bruising. However, these are all temporary and the pain can be minimized through the application of numbing cream and cold compress before injection. There is also no recovery time associated with this procedure and you can expect to resume daily activities immediately after treatment.


In summary, Botox is a safe and effective treatment for calf reduction. If you would like to find out more, please book an appointment with Dr. Yagudin.

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